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With the rise in chronic and age-related health problems, home health care or nursing services at home is on a rise. Home health care basically deals with treating the patient in the ease and warmth of her own premises. A blanket term for wide range of services like rehabilitation therapies, wound care, pain management, monitoring serious health issues and other home health aide services – nursing at home aims at bringing the best medical care right in to your house.

Though in spite of being quite popular in developed countries around the world, private health care is still not a popular trend in India. The main reason behind this being lack of awareness as well as the misconception that a patient can get ultimate care only in a hospital room. The best way to get over this myth is to look into the results of several surveys and statistics which show that patients who are treated in the warmth and comfort of their homes not only get better treatment but also respond to the medicines in a much better manner.

Here are some of the major reasons for why you must choose private home care health services for your near and dear ones. Private home care:
  • Brings down the need of re-hospitalization
  • Delivers a highly personalised and tailored according to the specific requirements of the patient
  • The patient receives full-time attention from the nursing staff – something which is not possible in hospital premises
  • Helps avoid the chances of post-hospital syndrome
  • Is far more affordable than recovery care at hospitals and nursing homes

Therefore, if someone in your family or friend circle is suffering from any kind of ailment which requires inpatient care, then private home care services are something you must give a serious thought to. The only thing which you need to be careful about is hiring the services of reputed health care providers.

Rxpress is one of the leading health care provider in India. With a team of highly efficient and professional doctors and nurses, Rxpress makes it a point that their patient home care services are not just affordable but also facilitates speedy recovery of the ward. Get in touch with us to get quality health care services delivered right in your home.