Rxpress is a patient centric platform to manage your healthcare needs.

RXpress presents India’s first online end-to-end treatment provider for serious ailments, with ‘NO’ extra cost. The brand name draws from the company’s core mission of delivering quick and reliable treatment to people in need of long-term critical healthcare.

Today, RXpress has become synonymous with affordable and quality treatment for major health issues such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc. Download the RXpress’ app and upload your health details and then simply watch us deliver, sitting from the comfort of your home. 24X7! Rest you leave it to us, please go to Services section.

From diagnosis by internationally accredited path labs, adhering to stringent accuracy norms prevailing in the United States and Europe, to treatment by doctors registered with India’s top body of medical professionals – Medical Council of India - RXpress seeks to make critical healthcare look easy, reliable and convenient!

All these will mean: no more running around for specialist doctors’ appointment from one hospital to another. No waiting-period is required for diagnostic reports for even the treatment to begin. Everything will fall in place and the treatment process will begin in right earnest from the word go. The maximum revert time for services to begin from the time is registration is – Just 5 minutes!

A first of its kind initiative in critical healthcare segment by professionals with global exposure in the field, the entry of RXpress into India’s critical health care is set to mark a paradigm shift in the delivery of treatments critical for people in desperate of need of it.

Our vision is to simplify healthcare experience.

Healthcare management is one of the most cumbersome processes, and the reason is inefficiency in the existing system. These inefficiencies results in high cost of healthcare which results limited reach of proper healthcare to many. Our mission with this initiative is to make healthcare industry seamlessly integrated and patient centric.


  • We will be most trusted healthcare companion

    Our first and foremost responsibility is to do good for the Rxpress users. We care deeply about people and are committed to providing information and access to care that meet the highest standards of safety and validity, and help people take actions to feel good every day. We value and honor the trust of those who use Rxpress. We treat personal information of the individuals with the utmost care and maintain the highest standards of privacy and security

  • We will work with world’s best partners

    We believe in collaboration and recognize that partnership is integral to realizing our vision. We are committed to being a great partner, and to attracting and retaining the world’s best organizations and institutions as collaborators. We care about our partners’ needs and interests and we are committed to their success. If you want to share your vision of providing best possible support for patient care, or you have idea which can help people to simplify their healthcare experience, we want to hear from you.

  • We will build a workplace our employees love

    We are committed to creating and maintaining a place where our employees love to work. We are responsible for ensuring that our employees are treated with care and respect, and they are challenged to achieve their potential. We believe that work can be play, and that working towards a worthy goal is one of the most fulfilling ways to spend our time. We believe that happy fulfilled employees who share a commitment to changing the world will bring fort the creativity and passion needed to fulfill our vision

Our Story

The idea of Rxpress was born to address the most common pain points, which we experience in our current healthcare system. Whether it is long wait time, cumbersome processes, high cost or non-alignment of health records everything lead to poor disease management.

We work every day and night to understand the basic reasons which lead to the gaps in our current healthcare system and with the help of Rxpress we are filling up those gaps.

We are driven by the fact that healthcare should be proactive, not reactive thus Rxpress helps their customers’ way in advance about their health and help them to take action, which can prevent the future health outcomes.

We are committed to offer end-to-end health solutions to ensure that our customers experience the healthcare in most convenient way.